Monthly Archives: February 2016

HISD to rename 3 schools named after Confederate figures

By Ericka Mellon, Houston Chronicle Named after men linked to the Confederacy, campuses join four others slated for change. A split Houston school board voted Thursday to order the renaming of three more campuses named after men tied to the Confederacy. The hourslong debate brought out accusations of racism, questions about historical legacy and concerns about the cost - an estimated $250,000 per campus. Read more at the Houston Chronicle...
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San Jacinto Battleground Alert

Texas Parks and Wildlife (TPWD) will be holding an "information meeting" at the San Jacinto Monument on Thurs., February 11, at 6 pm, to tell stakeholders that the "Marsh Restoration, Phase II" is a fait accompli. Your immediate help is needed! Please see "How can you help?" at the bottom of this alert.

The Situation

In our last email we sent you TPWD's press release - now for the rest of the story: The "Marsh Restoration Phase II" project will dump Houston Ship Channel dredged spoil on 101 acres of San Jacinto Battleground, including the historically sensitive Boggy Bayou area where Mexican soldiers...
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Mayor Turner Speaks to Texas Transportation Commission

To mark the start of what will be an increased emphasis by my administration on achieving improved mobility for Houston, I recently traveled to Austin to speak to the Texas Transportation Commission, the agency that decides how state transportation dollars are spent. My message was very specific: the transportation strategies of the past are increasingly inadequate to meet the needs of the future. We know this to be true when congestion has continued to grow despite the added capacity that should have occurred as a result of such major past projects as the 610 Loop, the Beltway and...
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